Chinas automobile rental industry is still in its infancy, there are still insufficient service capacity, lagging behind the construction of laws and regulations, the higher risk of business operation, the urgent need to guide the new mode of time-sharing and other prominent issues, and economic and H Beam Rods social development and social public diversification travel demand It is necessary to introduce the draft.
In recent years, Chinas auto rental industry has shown a rapid development trend, especially with the extensive use of mobile Internet technology, time-sharing leasing, also known as "car sharing" this new model in Chinas rapid development. Statistics show that China has 6301 car rental industry, the total number of vehicles leased about 200,000, the market size of about 20% per year rate of growth.
The official release of the "draft" one of the focus: a clear car rental vehicles should be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and technical standards to the public security organs for registration, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the vehicle safety technical inspection, environmental testing, scrap and purchase Insurance. Car rental operators must be real-name system to check the registration, the identity of the unknown or refused to identify the tenant, should not provide car rental services.
The official said, "Anti-Terrorism Act" requires "motor vehicle rental business operators should be the identity of the customer to check the identity of the unknown or refused to identify the identity, shall not provide services." In order to implement this requirement, the "draft" for specific individuals, corporate or other organizations, such as different types of tenants, put forward specific operational measures. At the same time, due to the lease of vehicles during the lease and the use of ownership separation, the operator of the leasing vehicle control and control is weak, real name car rental is also conducive to the prevention and reduce the risk of vehicle fraud.
Focus II: how to ensure user information security? Responsible person, car rental operators to master the personal phone, credit card, travel routes and other personal information, as well as urban traffic, geographical location and other sensitive information, in the event of a leak, it may be on national security and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens damage. Time-sharing leasing operators shall abide by the relevant provisions of the "Network Security Law", "Internet Information Service Management Measures", "National Peoples Congress Standing Committee on strengthening the protection of network information," "telecommunications and Internet users personal information protection regulations" and other relevant provisions, Network security precautions, according to the law to collect, store, use and protect the relevant information, shall not exceed the necessary scope for the provision of car rental services, and earnestly safeguard the personal information and national information security.
Focus three: "draft" proposed to encourage car rental companies and insurance companies according to the characteristics of car rental business and the size of the risk, the development of insurance products.
The person in charge pointed out that Chinas motor vehicle insurance related insurance, the rate and amount, mainly Racing Crankshaft  based on the nature of the use of different vehicles, the number of years to determine. At present, the leasing vehicle insurance rate is the same as that provided by the taxi, but there are significant differences in the efficiency of the leased vehicle and the risk of accidents compared with the vehicles that provide transportation services such as taxis. Therefore, the "draft" proposed to encourage car rental companies and insurance companies to actively cooperate with the development and car rental business characteristics and the size of the risk of insurance products, both to protect the legal rights of the lessee, but also improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks.
Focus 4: "draft" proposed for the parking of vehicles to facilitate the city to encourage commercial centers, government centers and other crowded areas of public parking for time-sharing rental facilities to facilitate parking. Encourage the promotion of preferential parking fees and other measures to promote the rental vehicles parked in the city park parking spaces, improve user convenience, promote the development of time-sharing leasing.
Responsible person stressed that through the parking fees concessions, etc., to promote parking in the city on the road berth "with the follow", for the development of time-sharing leasing to create favorable conditions.